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Visualization Tools: gff2ps and gff2aplot

We developed a graphical visualization tool, the gff2ps program (Abril and Guigó, 2000), to represent genomic annotations. This program outputs high quality genomic plots in PostScript format and can cope with sequences of any length, for instance, eukaryotic genomes. This tool was used to generate the gene maps for the Drosophila melanogaster (Adams et al. 2000) and human genome (Venter et al, 2001, the figure below showing a fragment).

A snapshot from the human genome figure, appeared in Venter et al (2001), showing annotation of segments of chromosomes 12 and 13 (top and bottom tracks respectively). An electronic version of that figure is available at the web site of Science.

We also provide a tool to visualize pair-wise alignments of genomic sequences along with their corresponding annotations, gff2aplot (Abril et al, 2003). See "Gene finding based on comparative genomics" section figure for an example. A new implementation, written in perl, is already available for this program (since gff2aplot version 2).

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