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The extraction of the promoters in which a certain class of binding sites have been experimentally annotated can be useful to train a program that identifies these motifs by the alignment of the promoter sequences (pattern discovery).

Thus, this option allows the user to extract the sequences and the coordinates of the motifs annotated on these promoters, to afterwards test the accuracy of its program when discovering the motifs just by aligning the sequences.

With ABS, the users can retrieve the set of promoters for which at least one binding sites for a certain TF is annotated in the database:

Additionally, the sites can be grouped by species to detect conservations that are specific of some species.

The output consists of two blocks:

I. The binding sites of ABS associated to this TF (of this species)

-> There is a link to access directly the gene entry in which each binding site is annotated

II. The FASTA promoter sequences that contain such sites

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