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The 650 annotated binding sites contained on ABS can be shown either through this webserver or going directly to the GFF flat file (see section Downloads). In addition to the binding sites, references in REFSEQ, ENTREZ GENE and PUBMED are also supplied. Computational predictions and alignments are also provided. Here, the display of the sites annotated in the orthologous promoters of a gene is governed by a simple interface in which the users can access the entries searching the proper entry by name

or sequentially searching by entry id

Once a gene has been selected, the corresponding entry is displayed on the screen. Each entry contains different blocks of information:

I. The accession information

-> This is the internal accession number for the entry that contains the orthologous promoters of this gene.

II. The bibliographic information

-> These are the links to the corresponding REFSEQ entries of each gene and to the bibliographic references in which these annotations are published.

III. The annotation of experimental defined sites

-> There are two types of sequences: the original entry and the curated promoter using REFSEQ and dbTSS (500 bps). Then, for each site the TF, the start position and the sequence are shown.

IV. The computational predictions on these promoters

V. The dotplot and the alignment information

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